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We're a voluntary budgeting and bill paying assistance service. Finally, an alternative to a full representative payee!

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Individuals, Families, Seniors, Veterans, and anyone else -  We're here to help! We can assist individuals who just need that little bit of help monitoring their finances. People who mostly manage their funds well but at times need some extra support. 

We can manage social security benefits, work or any other type of income the individual may have. If you're collecting social security benefits you remain your own payee and person in charge of your account. The bank account we open is in your name. We only assist!

After the money you need to pay your bills is set aside you can access your remain funds through a debit card to the account, we can send you checks, we can do bank to bank transfers or we can load the remaining funds on a pre-paid visa card you provide or through one we provide.  * Our prepaid visa card allows no access to cash and can be used anywhere visa is taken.

Agencies - Are you working with a client who may need a little extra support around their finances? The person doesn't meet the strict guidelines to have a full representative payee yet needs assistance? We can Help!

Enrolling for our services can be a quicker process than attempting to have a representative payee established. Once we have a complete enrollment package we can have an individuals bank account open within a week. Then the individual needs to make arrangements with social security or employer to have their funds direct deposited to the new account. That's it!

Also, our services are less expensive than have a representative payee which is often forty dollars or more per month. Friends Money Manager only charges 25. per month to have rent, one bill, and money disbursed back to the client, 30. for rent, more than one bill and money disbursed back to the client.

Friend$ Money Manager provides support and assistance as needed while the person retains the most control of their funds and independence in decision making.

Friend$ Money Manager effectively assists people to manage their funds, pay their bills, maintain their housing, remain substance-free, save for college, all while promoting their independence and personal success.

Friend$ Money Manager helps individuals and families, human service agencies, elder service agencies, the Veterans Administration, housing courts, local housing authorities, landlords, property managers and many others!


Landlords - Have you ever wanted to rent to someone but were unsure of their creditworthiness or work history? We can help! Are you tired of receiving checks that don't clear?

We can open a bank account in the client's name that we co-manage. When their work, unemployment or social security funds are deposited, we immediately remove the funds needed to pay their rent. Before there's a chance to miss spending the money! We can send you the rent via check, or bank to bank transfer. If there's an issue receiving someone's funds we can notify you before you even realize the rent hasn't been paid!

Courts - We can help avoid evictions!  Friends Money Manager operates as an objective third-party to ensure the landlord or property manager are being paid. Both the tenant, landlord and even the courts can be assured the rent is being paid as agreed to or court ordered. We are able to pay rent and any arrears which may be needed. We can provide objective evidence as to rent being sent, checks being cashed, proper amounts being sent, the status of someone income and more.

Probation Depts. - Do you have individuals on probation with substance abuse issues? Yet they are still struggling with the issue? We can help!

When after paying any identified bills when distributing funds back to a client, we have the ability to issue pre-paid debit cards to clients that give NO ACCESS to cash! This includes cash back through an ATM or at the end of a purchase. The spending on the card can also be tracked and submitted to probation as requested! If needed, categories of spending can even be blocked.

We have the ability to manage an individuals employment funds, federal benefits and even SNAP money (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). The client has no access to cash helping them to better manage their issues!

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