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We're a voluntary budgeting and bill paying assistance service. Finally, an alternative to a full representative payee!

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Thank you for visiting Friend$ Money Manager, a Rent $ecure Inc. company!

We started out as a small, non-profit company called Help Me Budget Inc. offering representative payee services.

As we grew and worked with other human service providers, housing courts, local housing authorities and others it became apparent although representative payee services can often be helpful to a person struggling to maintain their housing, often people either do not need or do not want a full representative payee.

Friend$ Money Manager became our "sister" program designed to assist individuals effectively budget and pay their bills! This can be extremely beneficial to landlords and others in making sure the individual pays the rent and any other bills before any other personal spending occurs!


Friend$ Money Manager is:

  • An active, 3rd party assisted, voluntary, budgeting and bill paying assistance service!

  • An alternative to a Social Security Administration full Representative Payee!

  • An objective 3rd party to assist service agencies, landlords, housing courts, probation departments and others to ensure an individuals bills are paid on time!

  • A cheaper alternative to a re-payee, costing 25. or 30. per month depending on services. A rep-payee is usually 40. or more!


Friends Money Manager will be closed Wednesday 11/24 at noon until Monday 11/29. We hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!